How it Works

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  • General

    Interchangeable Accessories

    Our Grip Products work with all of our Accessories

    You’re able to swap accessories back and forth among your different Grip Products. Our Accessories are compatible with future Grip Products we’re developing

  • KNUCHUCK Accessories

    Getting it out FAST!!

    We designed a unique patent pending pinch quick release system to get access to your accessories

    Just a fraction of a second can make a difference. Our system is the absolute fastest and most secure way to get to your accessories when you need it most

  • Pepper Spray!!

    It’s In The Palm of Your Hands

    In a bad situation where every second counts, You don’t always have the luxury to dig through your bag or pockets to find something to protect yourself

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We love being outside whether we're riding our bikes or going for a hike. We feel that bringing along tools or a self-defense weapon to protect yourself is only half the solution when you're out there. Getting it out as quickly and efficiently as possible is the other half since every second counts when you're in a bad situation. In 2015, Nunchuck Grips was founded to address this issue.

We developed a system of Outdoor Grip Products and Accessories that are accessible right from the palm of your hands. Our patent pending quick release provides the absolute fastest way to get to the Accessories. We genuinely feel our products can make a difference and potentially save a life which is driving us to continuously improve and expand our offering.